Damage By Pests? Try Pest Control Townsville

One day you are cleaning your hardwood flooring or expensive furniture and accidentally discover mud tubes or exit holes. On closer inspection, you notice those are signs of pest infestation. Now what?

Wood Damaging Pests

It often takes 3 to 8 years for termites to infest your home and damage anything wooden. But it can be difficult to notice the signs of damage. Termites can cause severe destruction to the interior and exterior wood before you even discover them. Subterranean termites are the most destructive species causing more than $1 billion in damage to Australian households each year. The repair cost for significant damage may amount to tens of thousands of dollars and isn’t covered by insurance firms.

There are some signs you can notice if termites infest your home. These include mud tubes on wood surfaces and the immediate presence of winged or flying termites. Use a screwdriver to poke the affected areas. If the wood disintegrates easily, then it is infested by termites. You might also hear a hollow sound when tapping the distressed wood. Besides termites, other wood pests cause damage to homes. Carpenter ants look for decayed and damp lumber to drill tunnels leading to considerable damage to essential structures. Carpenter bees create holes in the wood on decks and eaves creating ideal places for their colonies.

Repairing Wood Damage

Once you discover the presence of termites, the first thing you should do is calling an experienced pest inspector and ask for a comprehensive examination to gauge the degree of damage. If the issue is minimal, it can be simple to resolve. The primary objective is getting rid of wood borers before they cause further damage.

If the affected area is small, you can restore its structural integrity by applying an epoxy treatment. This substance is really durable and typically impervious to pests making it an ideal solution for repairs on door jambs and window sills. Another option is using an epoxy filter to repair damaged wood by closing all gaps. You can do such repairs yourself or consider hiring a professional service on townsvilletermitespecialist.com.au/. If the damage is extensive and affects the wooden foundation or framing, better contact a structural expert.