Deciphering Strange Air Conditioner Sounds

Thanks to modern technology, today’s air conditioners are so quiet that the only sound you might hear is the fan running. So if you hear any weird noises coming from your aircon, it could be a sign that you need to have it fixed or upgraded. Here are typical sounds you’ll probably hear and what they may signify.


A banging sound usually results from a loose or broken part inside the AC compressor. It may also be an indication that you have an unbalanced indoor blower. Banging may also mean you need to replace your compressor. Find an air conditioning technician for the replacement on or hot frog.


Never ignore a clanking sound because the issue will only worsen and create more significant problems. Clanking is also another sign that your unit has a loose or out-of balance part. You’re likely to find faulty parts inside your air conditioner, and the compressor may have become loose, possibly requiring a replacement.


It’s normal for the electrical components in your air conditioning system to click at startup or shutdown. But constant clicking should be a reason for concern. It could be an indication of a failing thermostat. Always watch out for potential electrical issues before your aircon gets damaged beyond repair.


A buzzing noise could indicate one or more problems with your unit including loose parts and refrigerant leaks. An outdoor motor fan that is loose or on the brink of failure is another culprit. Also be wary of a condenser coil that needs cleaning or an air filter that needs changing. Clear debris on either the outdoor or indoor unit to quieten your system.


Some aircons will squeal as part of their normal startup. But if the sound is unusual, it could mean that your blower motors and fan motors are going bad. A malfunctioning blower wheel will also squeal or rattle. Blower and fan noises may be transmitted through the duct system.


Humming sounds rarely suggest a severe issue. But they still signal that something in the unit is off. Sometimes humming sounds may indicate electrical problems. Refrigerant piping and lose parts may also cause vibration and if ignored can result in costly maintenance. If your compressor hums but refuses to start, you may be dealing with a motor issue. Another culprit could be loose wiring.


A rattling sound often means your air conditioner is going on the fritz and some of its components are loosening. Your electrical contactor can also make a chattering noise and if allowed to continue can damage other components such as the compressor. A system clogged by twigs and leaves will also rattle and so will one with a loose fan. You can always start by checking your unit for any loose bolts and screws. Or else change your indoor air filter and clean the condenser coils.


Screaming or a high-pitched whistling sound often indicates a refrigerant leak. This can damage not only your unit but also endanger your family health. It’s crucial to shut off your aircon and call an expert right away. Screaming may also point to high pressure in the compressor which is dangerous.