Pest Control At Home By Yourself

Whether in your office, business premise or home, pests are unwelcome intruders that are not just annoying and embarrassing but also damaging to your property and the environment. They also pose severe health risks since they carry around disease-causing micro-organisms. For you to avoid the numerous dangers posed by pests, ensure that they are quickly and effectively controlled. Below are some pest tips worth reading and applying.

Termite Control

Want to control these notorious and extremely destructive pests? There are some things you should do. First, reduce all areas with excessive moisture and remove any mulch piling up close to your structure. You also need to remove piles of wood close to your building since termites tend to feed on them. Otherwise, apply industry-approved pesticides to their nests or introduce nematodes to their nests since they devour termites.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are both annoying and embarrassing. They are known to multiply extremely fast, love places with sufficient food supply like the kitchen and are notorious for contaminating food. To eliminate them, first remove their food source. Do so by cleaning up every crumb of food from your pantry and by storing any accessible food inside plastic containers. Also, remove their water supply by fixing drippy faucets or leaky sinks. Use sealed baits or sprinkle boric acid in crevices close to where roaches live as a last resort.

Rodent Control

Be proactive to deny them the privilege of gnawing at just about anything in your residential or commercial property. Start by eliminating their food source. Ensure your trash cans are covered and emptied on time and do not leave any food in the open. Also, use glue or snap traps and poisoned bait to catch and slay them.

Raccoon Control

Do raccoons often frequent your property? You have no choice other than putting an end to the intrusion. Trim overhanging tree branches, so they do not access your roof. Add flue caps to keep them from inhabiting your chimney. Block your crawlspace or other entry spots. And remove anything they feed on like pet food.

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