Problematic Glass Windows? Solutions By Glaziers

Are you facing a few issues with your glass windows but don’t know what to do? Keep reading to find out the most common problems and the ideal solutions.

1. Defective Glass Window

If your glass windows don’t open or shut correctly, then there might be an issue with the hardware. Keep in mind that components will suffer lots of wear and tear over time. But such problems would also arise from an accumulation of debris in the window track, making it difficult to close the windows. The first thing you should do is cleaning any debris in the window track. Make sure to apply lubricant too to facilitate opening and closing.

2. Foggy Glass Window

Having a foggy glass window typically suggests that its insulated seal is broken or cracked. This issue occurs when moisture is trapped or condenses in between the panes. In such a case, you don’t have to replace the whole window. Instead, replace the insulated glass. Remove the window sash and take it to a local glass shop for repairing. Window panels damaged due to moisture can be easily replaced or repaired.

3. Leaky Glass Window

Do you notice water in the window tracks? Does rainwater spill inside your office or house after a heavy rain? If yes, chances are your glass windows can’t seal or close tightly. To deal with a leaky glass window, make sure to clean any debris from your window track to allow for a tight shut. If you still notice rainwater leaking, then the issue is from your siding or roofing.

4. Draughty Glass Window

A glass window frame is prone to leaks because of seasonal changes. In such cases, it is better to replace your worn weather stripping, which can be found around your window sash. If you notice the weather stripping peeling off, call an expert to have it replaced as soon as possible. This will improve energy efficiency and reduce utility bills.

5. Cracked Glass Window

A broken glass window pane poses many threats and can injure your family members, especially little kids and pets. Shattered glass can present some issues for your business or residential security. Your property will be more vulnerable to thieves or burglars. So fix such a problem immediately. Fortunately, this is the most straightforward issue to fix. All you need to do is call a professional and ask for a replacement. Otherwise, do it yourself.

Most glass window issues mentioned above only require a DIY fix. But if you’re no DIYer or handyman, it can be challenging to repair such problems. So hire a Gold Coast glazier to save time and effort.