Why Tree Removal For Dead Trees?

Trees provide shade, privacy and beauty to our landscapes but a dead tree is another story. Whether your yard has been damaged by floods or trees have died due to sicknesses, tree removal is necessary. Here’s why:

Protect Your Property

A dead tree will lose its strength over time and fall anytime under the effect of strong winds. Avoiding an accident is tricky since you won’t know when the tree will topple. So to keep your family and neighbour’s property safe consider complete removal. Otherwise, the tree might land on your fence, garage, patio or any other structure and cause severe damage that costs lots of bucks to fix. Worse, it may fall on passersby, leading to severe injuries or even demise.

Save Some Money

When a tree dies, it loses its structural integrity. A gust of wind can cause weak branches to fall on your roof, vehicle, pets or even you. If the limbs are bulky, you may have to spend a fortune to repair your house or treat a severe injury.

Cushion Other Trees

If your tree succumbed to disease, it will spread that condition to other plants and cause more death. Mould or mildew, for instance, can be contagious. Failure to remove the dead tree early may result in a diseased landscape.

Avoid Pest Attack

Dead trees are an ideal environment for pests to thrive. Termites, carpenter ants and other wood insects will quickly identify the target and attack it at any time. These bugs will multiply rapidly and invade other trees or even your abode. There are also animals like mice that often seek shelter in dead trees. Remove such trees ASAP to eliminate pesky creatures.

Maintain Your Landscape

No dead tree is attractive. It lacks leaves and can topple anytime. This will ruin your entire landscape which you designed out of pocket. Tree removal is ideal in restoring an appealing yard.

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